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Marakissa Rivercamp

Marakissa Highway

Kombo Central District - The Gambia

+220 9905852 / +220 7779487

Welcome at Marakissa Rivercamp. We really hope you will enjoy your stay in our nature park. If you want to taste the culture and meet the friendly people of this small African country, than you may feel very welcome at our nature reserve.

The Marakissa Rivercamp is situated in the South Gambia, close to the Senegal border, on the bank of a small river. It is surrounded by riverside, bush and swamp areas.

This biodiversity hosts many species of birds; the camp is known as one of the best sites for bird spotting in the Gambia. The views range from bush, open field and river landscape. There are (shy) crocodiles and lizards close to the camp. 

At the Marakissa Rivercamp you can spend the night in romantic roundhouses. All rooms have two beds and they have their own toilet and shower facilities. All rooms have electricity.

After your tour you are very welcome in our restaurant to have a cool drink or a small lunch. Our kitchen is nice and versatile. From the restaurant terrace you have a amazing river view from where you can witness beautiful sunsets.

Moreover this, the Marakissa Rivercamp surroundings offer you a true taste of the real Africa. You will remember this visit for a long time after you made pictures of all those our nature show you.